Hello, I’m Einas!

Entrepreneur &
Style Coach


From an early age, I’ve been drawn to expressing my creativity and intuition through style. Often described as a “Trendsetter,” I’ve always crafted my own unique aesthetic rather than following current trends. While considering a career in fashion design, I realized my true passion lay in personal styling – a path that emerged later in life when I recognized the transformative power of image and confidence. With a diverse background in HR, Corporate Communication and Strategic Management, I’ve honored my ability to connect with individuals on a deeper level, understanding their unspoken desires. Transitioning to Style Coaching felt like a natural progression, allowing me to merge my passion for style with my dedication to making a positive impact on others’ lives.

As a certified Style Coach™, I’m committed to empowering individuals to align their inner and outer beauty, believing that true beauty transcends age and remains timeless.

It’s okay to go against the norm and maintain a trend-setting mindset. Everybody is unique so every choice we make is going to be unique and beautiful.