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Our Services

With Kunie one-on-one private consultations and hands-on experience, you will get to bring out the confident, radiant and stylish woman
you and the world are ready for. We will work together to enhance or depending on how adventurous you’re ready to be, even completely alter your current style.
No matter what, we’ll guarantee you will get spot-on styling solutions customised for your personality and body type.

Our Packages

  If you’re ready to embrace the empowering “style and mind switch”,
simply choose from one of the specially tailored styling packages below and
we can work together to get you looking good and more importantly, feeling amazing in no time!

Styling Service UAE | Kunie with Einas

Style Reset Package

AED 1500

This package hits the high points to equip you with the key skills and mindset to make a powerful style reset. Youʹll learn to embrace and celebrate your unique body, define your personal style, and identify your wow colors.


Signature Style Package

AED 1950

Discover your signature style and express yourself effortlessly with this all-inclusive package. By the end of our journey, you will not only have a wardrobe thatʹs perfectly suited for you, but you will also learn how to shop effectively.



Ultimate Style Makeover

AED 6000

This package is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. With this package you will be treated like an A-list celebrity. This is a hugely transformational experience both from a practical and emotional point of view. If you’re ready for a fresh start and an opportunity to completely re-invent yourself, then this is the start of an incredibly exciting journey.